B2B Business to Business Leads

Search Engine Optimization can be considered as passive business promotion. Of course it requires a lot of activity but in effect SEO can be likened to trying to get most attractive advertisement to the best billboard in the town.

Business to business (B2B) promotion is an active promotion. It involves contacting potential customers (business to business leads) and promoting your services or products directly. business to business leads promotion can be likened to finding architects who want to make sure their customers get the best house decoration in town, grabbing their attention and pointing to your billboard that advertises best house decoration services in town. What these architects will do? They will dial your number, even if just to check you are the best!

Now the problem is how to find those architects.

However strange it would sound, you can easily find these B2B Business to Business leads yourself. All it takes is to do extensive research on Internet and collect data in the list. However, there is a problem with time and accuracy in this approach. Imagine how much time it would take to collect even some business to business leads ? Estimated, to find each new business to business lead may take up to 2 minutes (working fast), and it takes longer as you collect most accessible business to business leads and then you get into pattern of finding the same business to business leads over and over again. You get tired and it affects your performance and accuracy, too.

How 7R Networks can help with B2B Business to Business leads

7R Networks can offer you access to lists of 100s and potentially 1000s of business to business leads across Australia (and globally, if needed) who you can reach out to and promote your product and services. You will get list of business names, phone and email contacts. These are all legitimate contact details, published by those companies for the purposes to be contacted.

Even more, 7R Networks could even help you do a promotion email campaign based on the collected data.

And finally, you could actually “try before you buy” our service. If you give us what B2B leads you want to find, we will give you a list of 10 randomly selected business to business leads for your business completely for FREE. If even half of those leads are new to your own list, how many new business to business leads can you get from our lists that contain 100s of them?

Contact us to discuss how your business can reap benefits if 7R Networks helps to get 100s of B2B leads you can promote your products and services to.